What to Do to Sell your House Quickly

buyanyhouse_148When you set out to sell your house, you definitely look forward to buying a buyer within a short time and sell your house quickly. Unfortunately, this is not always the case especially if your property is not in good condition or you do not have a sound strategy of selling the property.

Therefore, you may need to do several things to ensure that potential buyers do not skip your property letting it stay on the property market for long time.

Here are some things you can do to sell your house quickly:

  • Make a good first impression – If prospective property buyers cannot have the desire to walk through the front door of your property, you will definitely not get any viewings. Thus, it is crucial to ensure you get viewers coming through your front door.

This means that you should not just stop at marketing the property rather, ensure you take good quality photographs, write persuasive and detailed property descriptions as well as provide perfect floor plans. Keep in mind that buyers will always have huge expectations. Bottom line, the prospective buyer’s first impression compares to a first date.

  • Have a target – Although most of the house sales take place in summer and spring when families are settled ahead of the commencement of the new school year, it is important to have a deadline within which to sell your property.

Remember, when your property is listed for far too long, prospective buyers begin to get suspicious about the inability to sell to the extent of thinking there must be something wrong with the property. This is dangerous as it can greatly devalue your property.

  • Take a proactive role in the sale process – Although it is common to find seller overlooking conveyancing, you need to begin looking into the legal process soon. That is, do no wait until you have a ready buyer before you can begin. In fact, you need to appoint a solicitor as soon as you are ready to get the property listed on the property market. This will no doubt speed up the selling process.
  • Sell your property first before buying – Generally, it is advisable to sell before you can buy. This way you will not have to service two mortgages at the same time. In fact, you will do well to avoid of having to sell your property first before buying a new property.

If you are a first time property seller, it is important to do extensive research on the property market before proceeding with a sale. This will ensure that you make informed decisions about selling your property for its value.

You will also do well to consider working with estate agents and leverage their knowledge of the workings of the property market. However, you also need to exercise caution so that you do not fall victim to some of the estate agent tricks. Remember, estate agents are out to make money from selling property on your behalf hence they may sometimes compromise at your expense.


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How to Value your Property

freehousevaluation_366The value of your property matters. Thus, before beginning the process of selling your property, you need to establish its value first. That is, get an accurate valuation and from it, determine the potential price for which you can sell your price. Remember, when you go wrong with the value of your property then you might end up selling it for less than its worth. So just how do you value your property to ensure it reflects its worth?

Well, if you are not going to involve a financial lender at any stage of the sale process, you can consider going for estate agent valuations. That is, you engage at least three estate agents all of whom should give you a free valuation of your property after which you can select the estate agent you will work with.

Even then, you need to keep in mind that the majority of estate agents do not conduct a detailed valuation hence they only suggest or indicate a rental or sale price that is appropriate for marketing your home. This is largely based on a number of factors that are influenced by the forces of demand and supply as well as the sale price of comparable properties within your area.

The Valuers Code

Professional estate valuers are bound by a code that guides their work hence they can be able to explain how they arrived at the value they have placed on your property. The code that is set by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) is based on the criteria below:

  • Accommodation available
  • Type and age of the property
  • Features and fixtures
  • Position within the locality as well as surrounding amenities
  • Tenancies, tenure, service charges or any other liabilities
  • State of repair and construction

Overall, if you are depending on estate agents for a valuation of your property, you need to find out the parameters they are using. While the estate agent can provide you a valuation of your property at no cost, you can get a detailed on from professional surveyors.

Keep in mind that estate agents are always focused on winning your business hence the need to go for at least three valuations before settling on one. Ensure that the property is not overpriced because this will discourage potential buyers. Consequently, your property may become stale making it difficult to sell. In extreme cases, you may find it very difficult to sell the property.

Useful tools:



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Estate agents: The best way to sell your property?

sellhousefast_2812Selling property may look easy but it is not especially if you have no experience in the area. As a homeowner, you may incur losses when selling your property privately making the need of professional estate agent unavoidable.

Estate agents are trained in getting the best price for your home and offer professional services when it comes to transferring the property to the new owner. If you are selling your property in the UK, you can count on the many estate agents that offer services to owners of residential and commercial properties so that they can best the best return from their sale.

When selling your property through a reputable UK based estate agent, you will enjoy a number of benefits that would be hard to access when selling property privately. These benefits are the main reason why estate agents are popular among property owners in the country and they include:

  • Access to premium information on the UK property market

Professional estate agents usually have the latest information on the property market at their fingertips because of their daily interactions in the industry. As their client, you are privy to this information that helps you make a better decision on the best price for the property and the best ways to advertise to potential buyers.

  • Promotion of the “property on sale” to target audience

To get the best price for your property it is crucial that interested buyers are aware of its existence. When working with an estate agent, they can advise on great ways to advertise the property on various online platforms and offline as well, which reduces time wasted trying to get the right buyers. In some cases, they may be aware of buyers looking for the type of property you want to sell thus connecting the two of you.

  • Access to personalized services

The stress associated with selling property becomes a thing of the past when you engage the services of estate agents. They take up the entire load of finding a suitable buyer and even come up with better ways of attracting them to your property. In most cases, they will send you regular reports on the performance of the property so that you can also monitor the progress of its intended sale.

In general, estate agents that have your interests at heart and are determined to get the best price are the best choice when looking for one to engage when selling your property.

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